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dOne Interiors

Project type

Social Media Management


January 2024


Finland / Hybrid

I have been collaborating with dOne Interiors to enhance their social media presence. My role involves updating and managing their social media channels, which function more as a community-style platform designed to serve their existing clientele.

Company Overview:
dOne Interiors specializes in assisting clients during the project implementation phase. They provide a comprehensive range of services from a single source, including project organization and supervision, procurement channels, and budget-committed packages. The company finds and negotiates with the best industry professionals and suppliers, manages schedules, and oversees work progress on-site. Additionally, they offer cost estimation alongside the design work, facilitating decision-making that aligns with clients' goals.

The primary goal of dOne Interiors is to ensure the implementation is handled smoothly and the final result meets the plans, allowing clients to focus on their own business.

Social Media Management at dOne:

Content Creation: Developing engaging and informative content tailored to their audience's interests and needs.

Community Engagement: Managing interactions on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook to foster a sense of community among existing clients.

Strategic Planning: Implementing strategies that enhance client interaction and satisfaction through social media.

Monitoring and Analysis: Tracking social media metrics to continuously improve content and engagement strategies.

By focusing on these aspects, I aim to ensure that dOne Interiors’ social media channels effectively support their business objectives and strengthen their relationship with their current clients.

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