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Graphic Design | Social Media Management | Marketing





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At Finnish institute Stockholm I have been able to manage the comprehensive social media and marketing strategies for the Finnish Institute in Stockholm, which is part of Finland's network of 16 cultural and scientific institutes worldwide. Our mission is to showcase contemporary Finnish culture and society, foster deeper relations between Sweden and Finland, and promote the language and culture of the Swedish-Finnish minority in Sweden.

Established in 1995 and operated by the Finnish Cultural Institute Foundation in Stockholm, the Institute is housed in a historic property located in central Stockholm. This unique space includes a library, gallery, conference facility, sauna, and banquet hall, serving as a hub for cultural exchange and engagement.

During my tenure, I have spearheaded diverse initiatives for the Institute, including developing tailored marketing plans, creating engaging social media templates, producing captivating videos and animations, and conceptualizing visual identities for various events. I have also managed website updates, crafted compelling newsletters, and orchestrated targeted social media marketing campaigns to amplify the Institute's visibility and engagement.

Through this collaborative effort, we have successfully showcased the richness of Finnish culture, strengthened bilateral ties, and enriched the experience of the Swedish-Finnish community in Sweden through innovative digital storytelling and impactful marketing strategies.


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