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Wem Studios

Project type

Branding, Website design, Social media management and content creation




Sweden & Finland


Creative lead


Adobe suite, Figma, WIX


Wem Studios is a modern digital agency offering a wide range of services.

This project included the website design as well as the visual udentity and the implemention of it. The project also contains social media management and content creation for Wem Studios as well as their clients.

At Wem Studios, every project receives a fresh perspective, ensuring every brand's online presence is both visually captivating and strategically robust. As the Creative Lead at Wem Studios, the core expertise of the team lies in four key areas: social media management and content creation, communication services, and graphic design.

The mission at Wem Studios is to facilitate the telling and flourishing of your brand's story. Recognizing the value of close collaboration, the approach involves working closely with clients throughout the journey to ensure alignment with the target audience and the attainment of desired goals. At Wem Studios, the commitment is to be the partner that brings your brand's vision to life.

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